Honoring your commitment to service.

If you have served our country as a part of the armed forces, you may be eligible to receive education benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Whether you have been released from active duty, currently serving on active duty, are in the National Guard or Reserves or are a spouse or dependent of a veteran, you may be eligible for these benefits.

In 2014, G.I. Jobs Magazine named Cornerstone a Yellow Ribbon School and a Military Friendly School. The certifying officials at Cornerstone University look forward to assisting you in obtaining and using your benefits to help you meet your educational goals.

Receive Education Benefits

  1. To receive benefits at Cornerstone University, first time applicants must submit a copy of your DD214; if you are on active duty, submit a copy of your current, non-expired Military ID and a DD220 (Active Duty Report).

  2. Please submit the Cornerstone VA Authorization Form to Cornerstone. You must submit this form each semester you plan to use your education benefits. This lets us know what benefits to certify.

  3. To apply for Education Benefits, go to Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP).
    • A notice will come stating the benefits for which you are eligible, called a Certificate of Eligibility, which must be submitted to your Certifying Official at Cornerstone when received. Those who qualify for chapter 1606 or 1607 will need to submit a Notice of Basic Eligibility to your Certifying Official at Cornerstone.
    • If you have used benefits at a previous institution or will be changing your program, you must submit your Certificate of Eligibility or Notice of Basic Eligibility, as well as the Change of Program/Place of Training form to both the St. Louis Regional Office and to Cornerstone University:
      • Service members use form 22-1995.
      • Dependents of Service members use form 22-5495.

  4. Receive Certification of Your Benefits: Your Cornerstone Certifying Official will certify your benefits according to your enrollment and billed cost of tuition and required fees. This certification communicates your enrollment and expenses to the VA so they can award your eligible benefits. Expect a 2-10 week time frame for all benefits to be received.
    • If you receive Chapter 30, 1606 or 1607, you must complete a Student Verification of Enrollment on the last day of the month or first day for the previous month. This is done through the W.A.V.E. portal.

  5. Receive Re-certification of Your Benefits by Term: Your Cornerstone Certifying Official will certify your benefits by term or class (PGS students) in advance to ensure timely awarding of benefits. You must notify your Certifying Official of all enrollment changes as far in advance as possible. If you register for a class, drop a class or change programs, notify your Certifying Official immediately.

Forms for Veterans

  • Authorization for Cornerstone Certifying Official to Certify Benefits Form (Coming Soon!): You must submit this form each semester that you wish to use your educational benefits.
  • Voc Rehab Request for Supplies (Coming Soon!)
  • Transfer students need to submit the Change of Program/Place of Training form to our office. Service members use form 22-1995. Dependents of service members use form 22-5495.
  • Enroll for Direct Deposit using form 22-0296.
  • No-cost medical treatment may be available to Soldiers and Veterans who have been injured within the last 3 years through the Wounded Warrior Traumatic Brain Injury Project.

Additional Resources