CU Compete

What is CU Compete?

CU Compete is a capital campaign driven by a group of Men's Basketball alumni. The goals of the project are to:

  • provide the funds to remodel the Men's Basketball locker room
  • invite and encourage alumni to participate in the lives of student-athletes
  • enhance the competitive position of CU Basketball


Why Give to CU Compete?

There are many reasons to participate in the CU Compete project. Here are just a few.

  • Your CU experience was instrumental in your life and you want to make that experience available to others.

  • You know that the locker room is a venue for developing community and Christian fellowship, and you think that changing the life of a student is a good return on your investment.

  • You recognize the competitive environment of today's collegiate athletics and the necessity of enhancing facilities as a tool for recruiting championship level, Christ-centered student-athletes.

  • You take seriously the role that alumni play in advancing God's mission for CU.


Men's Basketball Alumni Committee

Al Gortmaker ('99) Cameron Currie  ('97)         

Mark Zichterman ('02)         

Brad Tilma ('99)

 Director Assistant Director

Head of Finance

Head of Locker Room Design

Bryan Edwards ('09)          Kevin Shuneson ('83) John Freund ('05) Dominic Allen ('11)  

Assistant Basketball Coach

 Kelvin DeVries ('11)

Caleb Simons ('11)

Rick Koole ('70)


Prayer Sponsors

CU Men's Basketball has a tradition of connecting former players with current players through prayer sponsorship. 

Learn more about becoming a Prayer Sponsor.



Please Contact:
Al Gortmaker


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