Prayer Sponsors

Cornerstone University Men's Basketball has a tradition of connecting former players with current players through prayer sponsorship. In this way, alumni have a direct impact upon the work that God is doing in the lives of students at CU.

Suggestions for Prayer Sponsors

  • Stay an extra fifteen minutes after a game to talk with your player about the game. Players need your encouragement and experience in order to rebound off of a poor performance, and to put those record performances into perspective.
  • Call, text, or email your player every week or two to ask him how you can pray for him. A mere 5 or 10 minutes a week can be powerful.
  • Take your player out for a meal. College students love going out to eat (and not spending money). Those face-to-face interactions help in the relationship-building process.
  • Be prepared to be changed. Participating in the life of a player provides opportunities for personal reflection - an occasion for God to continue working in your life.


Current Prayer Sponsors

Alumnus Player
Brad Gray ('02) Wes Hudson
Al Gortmaker ('99)   Jake Plite
Lance Roark ('94) Anthony Allen
Jesse Tien ('07) Alex Lyle
Cameron Currie ('97)   Justin Pepper
Dominic Allen ('11) Ty Mason
Bryan Pasciak ('11) Luke Morrison
Mark Zichterman ('02)             Shane Moreland
Matt Kingshott ('10) Ben Lanning
Kelvin DeVries ('11) Cory Cox
Dan Possehl ('12) Joey Blauwkamp
Ron Bates ('12) Mike McLaughlin
Caleb Simons ('11) Travis Wells
Derek Kingshott ('13) Ty Smith


Become a Prayer Sponsor

Please contact Assistant Coach Eric DeSantis if you are interested in becoming a prayer sponsor.