Trip Details

*All trip details are effective June 14, 2014 and are tentative and subject to change. 

Trip Dates

June 14-20, 2015


Participants will pay their expenses directly to vendors. Cornerstone University will not collect or pay any expenses associated with the trip.
The total cost of the trip largely depends upon travel expenses and your lodging choices. Each participant should arrange a flight to Billings, Montana or meet in Red Lodge, Montana. Lodging choices range from $74 to $225 or more per night. The estimated cost for "standard" single occupancy lodging, meals, and park fees is $850 (just add transportation and optional expenses).

Estimated costs for the week:

Round Trip Transportation Lodging In-Park Transportation Meals
Driving: $450 ($3.75 a gallon, driving
a car w/ 25 miles per gallon
from Grand Rapids to Red Lodge)
1 person single occupancy:
$74-$194 per night  
  $35/person per day  
Flying: $521+ per person from Grand Rapids to Billings   1 person double occupancy: 
$37-$97 per night
Car Rental: $60-$120+ per day    $35/person per day  
Flying: $712+ per person from Detroit to Billings Family of 4: $104-$224 per night      Car Rental: $60-$120+ per day    $35/person per day  

1 person flying Grand Rapids to Billings ($521) PLUS single occupancy lodging ($74/night, $444 for 6 nights) PLUS car rental ($60/day, $360 for 6 days) PLUS meals ($35/day, $245 for 7 days) PLUS miscellaneous expenses ($130)
Total Estimated Cost $1,700


Lodging Reservations

Please contact Amanda Lawrence at (616) 222-1439 or for details on room reservations.



The lodging deposit for all room reservations is due by May 1, 2015


Cornerstone University reserves the right to accept or reject any person as a participant of this trip, and to expel from the trip any participant whose conduct is incompatible with the interests of the alumni group.


As the trip coordinator, Cornerstone University is not responsible for supplying services and accommodations. Trip participants are responsible for securing services and accommodations, and should work directly with vendors. Participants are free to participate (or not participate) in activities coordinated by Cornerstone University. Participants assume full responsibility for the safety and health hazards and expenses that are associated with such activities. Cornerstone University reserves the right to make changes in the trip itinerary should circumstances make such changes necessary.


Optional Travel Protection
Cornerstone University recommends that each traveler purchase a travel protection package.