Honoring Dr. Gary T. Meadors.

Dr. Gary T. Meadors was the Professor of Greek and New Testament at GRTS from 1995-2011.

He has received multiple degrees over the years, including a Diploma in Pastoral Studies from Shenandoah Bible College, a Bachelor of Theology from Piedmont Baptist College, Masters of Divinity and Theology from Grace Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Theology from Grace Theological Seminary.

During his time at the seminary, he taught Greek Elements classes, Greek exegetical classes and various New Testament book studies in Greek and English. He also taught the New Testament section of Biblical Hermeneutics, while Dr. John Lawlor taught the Old Testament section. He considers the class a highlight of his career because of their lively debates.

Throughout his career, he taught around 40 courses and was involved in multiple professional societies, including the Evangelical Theological Society and the Society of Biblical Literature. He served as Secretary, President and program chair for the Midwest Region ETS on two different occasions and thus brought hundreds of students and teachers to the GRTS campus for academic meetings.

Dr. Meadors was also Interim Dean of GRTS from 2000-02, during which time the seminary achieved accreditation from the Association of Theological Seminaries.

As a professor, he enjoyed cultivating students' passions for research and critical thinking, and he continues to communicate with former students to encourage their academic and spiritual growth.

One of his favorite memories of his time at GRTS is when graduating students "roasted" him at the annual GRTS Spring Banquet before he retired.

He has written various books and articles on biblical and theological subjects, and he continues to write and teach. He and his wife, Gloria, have been married for almost 50 years and like to travel in their motor home during the summer.

Award Ceremony

Dr. Gary T. Meadors will be recognized as a Faculty Hall of Honor inductee on Feb. 17, 2017, during the Cornerstone University Winter Gala at Frederik Meijer Gardens. Please RSVP online by Feb. 3, 2017.