Earn a U.S. accredited degree in Asia.

Degree Overview

  • Degrees granted by Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
  • Students are guaranteed to receive the same quality and standards of education as those students studying on the US campus.
  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • Authorized to grant degrees by the Michigan State Board of Education.
  • Low tuition rates - compare to those on campuses in the USA

What Does ABTS Offer?


ABTS has been training Church leaders in SE Asia for nearly 30 years. With a priority given to the authority of Scripture, our experienced faculty creates a challenging and interactive class atmosphere that combines the best of contemporary scholarship with a heart for God's mission.


We are committed to making our education affordable by automatically granting a 75% discount off the tuition rates of our sister school in the US. In addition, most students receive significant scholarships that make our tuition rates among the most affordable in Asia.


All of our degree programs are part-time, consisting of 2-week modules in selected cities throughout Asia. Without a residency requirement, students already in ministry are able to earn their Master’s degree without leaving their ministries or, in many cases, their home countries.

Global Perspective

ABTS offers US-accredited degrees through Cornerstone University located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. At the same time, ABTS is firmly planted in SE Asia with our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This combination of East Meets West, with professors from around the world, brings a truly global perspective to the classroom.


One hallmark of ABTS classes is relevance. Each class is specially tuned to both the cultural and ministerial needs of the local context. Seminars at ABTS are never merely a theoretical exercise, but integrate theory and practice in ways that are relevant to the real life situations of our students.