Providing servant leadership.


Joseph M. Stowell, BA, ThM, DD
President of Cornerstone University
Louise Barnard, MA
Consultant for ABTS Operations
Peter Osborn, PhD
Vice President for Adult Learning of Cornerstone University
Yiwa Sriphongyai, BE
Assistant Director of Academic Affairs
James A. Blumenstock, MDiv, ThM, PhD
Atchara Siriwatt, BA
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
Jonathan Agarwal, BS, CMA, MBA, MA
Director of Business Affairs
Nalinee Phongsattha, BS
Administrative Assistant for Office Affairs
Daron K. Wilson, MDiv, ThM
Director of Information Technology

Country Administrators



Ms. Jean de Jesus
Country Coordinator

Mr. Ivan Yu
Director of Development, Philippines


Mr. Vincent Ho
Country Coordinator

Mr. Adrian Wong
Director of Development, Singapore


Mr. Kengkij Imsamer
Director of Development, Bangkok


Rev. Arvind Balaram
Country Coordinator


Rev. Gin Khen Mang
Country Coordinator

Dr. Kham Mung
Director of Development, Myanmar

Papua New Guinea

Rev. William Smith & Rev. Pat Melson
Country Coordinator