Course options for degree completion.

Extension Courses

Students may complete a limited number of modules through self-guided study courses. Extension courses consist of textbooks, lectures in CD or MP3 format, and various other necessary materials, to guide students in their course of study. These courses are self-guided studies and involve no direct instruction from ABTS professors.

Courses will be assigned to an ABTS faculty member for oversight and grading. Any questions that arise during the course may be directed to the ABTS office via letter, e-mail or phone call.

Textbooks, recorded lectures and/or syllabus materials are posted to the student's home. Extension courses may be scheduled for any 4 month period of study. Please allow 6 weeks for processing registrations.

A list of extension course textbooks can be found in the course catalog.

Directed Studies

Students who are interested in more personalized, independent study courses should contact the ABTS office.

Terms of Study

Students may register for an extension course at any time that is convenient for them. Registrations should be sent to the ABTS office.

Personnel there will respond with a fee assessment and materials will be posted to the student when payment is received. Please allow approximately 6 weeks between the date of registration and the beginning of the course in order to allow time to process the registration and post the materials.

The course will begin on the 15th of the following month. Four months will be allowed for course completion. We will accommodate requests to study during a specified four month period if we possibly can.

It is strongly recommended that students enroll in only one extension course at a time. They may, of course, complete courses in less than the allotted four months and register for a second course upon completion of that first one.

Students are not allowed to enroll in more than two courses at the same time, whether extension or residence or a combination of the two, except by special permission from the Dean.

Completed assignments should be sent to the ABTS office. All work must be postmarked on or before the course due date. Students should keep copies of their work to safeguard against loss in the mail. Submission of course requirements electronically by e-mail attachment to is permitted.

If the student is unable to complete the course requirements, he may apply for an Incomplete or withdraw from the course according to the rules outlined in our catalog.

Note: It is the student's responsibility to request an Incomplete or to notify the Seminary office for withdrawal, whether or not the course professor has been informed by the student.