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Seminar Courses

ABTS residence courses are offered in seminar format. Students gather in a central location for the 1-2 week period of classroom interaction. They return home to complete longer assignments that are due 3 months from the end of the seminar.

Each residence seminar consists of two parts:

  1. One or two-week period of intensive classroom study and interaction with the professor and other students.
  2. Three-month period following the seminar allowing further investigation, integration, evaluation and reporting.

Residence seminars are taught by full-time ABTS faculty, visiting professors from Cornerstone University, or qualified adjunct faculty from Asia and the US. Where professors are resident in seminar sites, occasional seminar courses may be scheduled over longer periods of time.

Seminars are held in participating countries of Southeast Asia. Check out information about teaching sites and course schedules.


Students may contact their country coordinator or the ABTS office by phone, e-mail or post to register for courses.
ABTS seminar courses may be taken with either credit or audit status.

  • If you wish to enroll in a course for credit, you must complete a formal application before you begin the course.
  • Courses may be audited without credit by ABTS students and non-students alike.
  • Arrangements to upgrade from audit to credit status must be made with the professor during the seminar.
  • Arrangements to switch from credit to audit must do so within the first two days of the seminar.

Advance registration for seminars should be made with the country coordinator at each seminar site at least one month prior to the first day of classes. Seminars are subject to cancellation for insufficient registration. Students who register ahead of time will be given priority for textbook distribution.

Click here to view a complete schedule for the coming year.

Study Fees

All fees are due on the first day of class and are payable to the on-site representative of the Seminary. Students who have not met their financial obligations by the end of the first week of class will not be permitted to continue into the second week.

The Seminary office will endeavor to announce the course texts and costs on the school website and course announcements to enable students to prepare for the seminar. Texts, syllabi and course materials will be made available by the ABTS representative on the first day of the seminar. These materials are offered at or near cost and payment is due upon receipt.

Attendance Policy 

Students are expected to attend all regular sessions of a seminar.  However, students with valid reason are permitted to miss one day (4 hours) of the seminar, with permission of the professor.  For illness or genuine emergency, the professor may replace up to 6 additional hours with extra reading or assignments.  Students missing more than 25% (10 hours) of the course must withdraw.

Post-Seminar Assignments

All post-seminar assignments are due three months from the last day of class. Assignments may be submitted by e-mail attachment to the ABTS office. Posted assignments must be postmarked by the due date and may be mailed to the country coordinator or to the ABTS office.

Students should keep a copy of all work submitted since course work is sometimes lost en route to the office. If it becomes necessary to mail the copy, be sure to make another copy before putting it in the mail.

Where unforeseen circumstances prevent completion of an assignment by the due date, students must submit a request for anIncomplete prior to the due date of the project according to the rules outlined in our catalog.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to submit work on schedule or to file for an Incomplete as needed.