Integrate your faith and work.

As Asian cities experience dynamic growth and global influence, the need has never been greater for Christian professionals to be salt and light in the workplace. At Asia Biblical Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University, our Master of Religious Education degree program with a concentration in marketplace ministries helps lay professionals integrate their faith with the workplace by providing biblical and theological foundations for a theology of work.

Concentration Classes

To complete specialized training in marketplace ministries as part of the Master of Religious Education degree program, choose four courses from these class options:

  • MNS500: Spiritual Formation
  • MNS551: Theology and Culture
  • MNS510: Organizational Leadership
  • MNS564: Urban Mission and Ministry
  • MNS515: Vocation, Work and Ministry
  • MNS626: Interpersonal Communication
  • MNS516: Christian Ethics in the Workplace
  • MNS788: Readings in Marketplace Ministries
  • MNS534: Evangelism/Discipleship Ministries