Overview of financial considerations.

Tuition Rates

The ABTS tuition rate for all students is US$155.00 per credit hour.

Through the generosity of donors, substantial scholarships are available through the ABTS Scholarship Fund for the majority of our students. These scholarships are granted to students from the countries in the list below. To find out if you qualify for a scholarship and to find out your tuition rate after the scholarship has been applied, please locate your nationality in the list.

Country of Citizenship

Hong Kong
Papua New Guinea
Sri Lanka

Tuition Per Credit Hour
Effective Sept. 1, 2019

USD 155
BDT 1,900
USD 15
CNY 230
HKD 1,100
INR 1,800
IDR 96,000
USD 155
KRW 102,000
LAK 105,000
MYR 220
MNT 38,000
USD 30
INR 1800
PKR 2,300
PGK 60
PHP 1,200
SGD 130
LKR 4,000
THB 1,100
USD 155
VND 210,000

Course Materials

Books, lectures in CD or MP3 format, postage and handouts are at additional cost and will be listed on the individual fee assessments. Books and materials for extension courses are available from the ABTS office. Postage for shipping extension courses is paid by the student.

Travel and Accommodations

Transportation and room and board are the responsibility of the individual student. ABTS does not provide dorm services. Contact the coordinator at the seminar site for information about available housing near the site where courses are being held.

Conditions of Payment

All fees are payable on the first day of a residence seminar or before the beginning of an extension course. Payments may be made in local currency to the country coordinator or to the on-site ABTS representative at residence seminars. Payment may also be made by US dollar check, made payable to the ABTS. Arrangements can also be made to transfer funds directly from a mission agency to the ABTS Mountain View Foundation account in Thailand, or to a specific mission account by special arrangement.

Spouse Benefit

The spouse educational benefit is intended to provide spouses of ABTS students with the opportunity to participate in the theological educational experience in order to promote a shared pilgrimage of growth and learning. The spouse of an ABTS student, regardless of prior academic record, is entitled to audit any class with his/her spouse free of charge. This audit opportunity provides for class attendance only; course work will not be submitted or graded and there will be no official academic record. The benefit is not applicable to courses the student audits or to courses the spouse takes for credit.

Audit Students

The cost to audit a course will be 1/3 of the regular cost of tuition with the exception of Myanmar, where all Myanmar students enjoy extensive tuition remission. Myanmar audits pay the same as credit students.