Theological training matters at ABTS.

Contextual ministry preparation ensures that seminary graduates remain relevant teachers, credible leaders, and global influencers in reaching people for Christ. For more than 30 years, Asia Biblical Theological Seminary (ABTS) has advanced this graduate theological education model. With nearly 200 enrolled students, ABTS equips national church leaders and foreign missionaries.

With its headquarters based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, ABTS hosts 10 graduate-level teaching sites across the continent of Asia. Watch the video below to meet Jim Blumenstock, Dean of ABTS, and learn about the vibrant growth of the global church.

Theological Training Matters at Asia Biblical Theological Seminary

Learn how Asia Biblical Theological Seminary equips graduates with contextual theological training and plans to further support of students' ministry preparation through the renovation of a new educational facility. To learn more, visit

Building Renovation Initiative

As the demand for theological training increases, ABTS seeks to move from its current headquarters to a long-term building facility that offers room for additional staff members, students, and educational resource offerings. In addition to expanded office space for more administrators, renovations to this new location would allow it to serve as a centralized ministry headquarters for students.

Upon completion of the proposed changes by an architect in Hong Kong, the new headquarters will offer classroom space to facilitate relational learning, a library to promote continuing education, and a dormitory to support on-site community life.

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