Assessment Reports


Objectives of Assessment

1. To clearly articulate a set of curricular and co-curricular objectives to inform a student’s knowledge level of a given content area skill level as appropriately defined worldview formation leading to a set of values
2. To develop a well-defined strategy to achieve those objectives, including identifying and monitoring trends in student profiles trends in student learning the instruments and methods used in assessing student learning
3. To offer verifiable evidence of the achievement of those goals by the use of direct methods of assessment the use of indirect methods of assessment
4. To provide a means of accountability to ensure ongoing assessment through appropriate organizational accountability processes through meeting the guidelines of the Higher Learning Commission through the development of campus ethos of assessment
5. To gather, interpret and use the evidence of assessment in the institutional decision-making processes of instructional program improvement, strategic planning and resource allocation by implementing the University’s strategic planning process as guided by Chief Academic Officer, the Dean of Assessment and the divisional chairs used widely across all units of the campus community

6. To provide yearly and other regular reports to the campus community to report the work of assessment provide feedback for curricular and co-curricular development inform logistic and strategic decision making develop a campus ethos of assessment


Assessment Plan 

2010-2011 Assessment Plan


Annual Reports

The following reports reflect the work of the University in the area of assessment. They highlight some of the best practices observed in specific divisions and/or courses. In addition, they give next steps for the growth of the assessment culture at Cornerstone.

2005-2006 Annual Report 2006-2007 Annual Report 2007-2008 Annual Report
2008-2009 Annual Report 2009-2010 Annual Report 2010-2011 Annual Report
2012 Fine Arts 2012-2013 Music 2013 Spiritual Formation
2013 Social Work 2013 Learning Objectives 2013 BRM
2013 Media Studies 2013 COM 2013 Humanities
2013 KIN 2013 Graduate Studies 2013 Teacher Education
2013-2014 Annual Report