Audio Production

Audio Production

Practical and Creative Storytelling.

Audio production allows you to tell stories through practical and creative uses of sound. Cornerstone stands at the forefront of enabling students to influence the airwaves of our culture through numerous interesting forms.

You'll focus on classes in mixing and mastering, post production, and live sound production in fully-equipped studios, learning the techniques necessary to...

  • Deconstruct popular music production
  • Develop your professional audio portfolio
  • Engineer, mix, master and produce audio
  • Learn audio post-production for film and television
  • Use industry standard studios and equipment

What can I do with a major in Audio Production?

As a graduate of this program, you will discover opportunities as a...

  • Church Media Director
  • Film Post Sound Design and Engineer
  • Live Audio Engineer
  • Music Producer
  • Recording Studio Engineer
  • Recording Studio Engineer Owner & Operator

How can I complete my degree program in four years?

Download a sample degree program for a major in Audio Production.

4 Year Audio Production Degree Plan

Where are internships and partnerships available for students in the Audio Production program?

Cornerstone students have interned in a variety of exciting venues. You could do the same by interning with...

  • Big Ticket Festival: Help professionals run sound at our local music festival!
  • WCSG: Work with the one of West Michigan's strongest radio stations.
  • Contemporary Christian Music Center: Spend a semester in Nashville and intern with industry professionals.
  • Mega Churches: Improve your live mixing skills through interning at one of our many area churches.

What are graduates of the Audio Production program doing now?

  • Mike Cervantes ('10) owns and operates a recording studio in Grand Rapids called The Foxboro.
  • Sarah Schaefer ('11) works at Brilliance Audio in Grand Haven, MI, where she edits, mixes, and engineers audio book recordings.
  • Dave VanKeulen ('12) serves as the Tech and Programming Director at Impact Church in Lowell, MI, where he manages everything from live sound mixing to video content, lighting, and stage design.

With a major in Audio Production, what classes will I take?

Audio Production II
Learn signal flow and advanced Pro Tools techniques to achieve higher quality recordings, receiving hands-on experience in Cornerstone's recording studios.

Deconstructing Popular Music
Research the history of music recording in the 20th century, gaining knowledge of recording technology, technique, and the shifting sound of popular music in the recording age. 

Music Producing I & II
Study the role of the producer in music, working with bands and recording songs of various genres in order to further develop professional skills with Pro Tools.

Who can I contact for more information on a major in Audio Production?


Randy Miller | Assistant Professor of Audio Production