Biology (Health Services and Pre-Professional)

Biology Education

The biology major with a health science/pre-professional emphasis provides the fundamental knowledge, experience and analytical ability to enable students to successfully pursue further education toward a profession in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or related fields. Since entry into these career fields is very selective and the graduate education very challenging, emphasis is placed on preparing the student for those rigors through a challenging academic program that is balanced within the traditional liberal arts degree.

 "…… I'm in my third year of medical school at Wayne State University, working directly with teams of physicians to diagnose and treat patients from all around metro Detroit. Ever since high school, my specialty choice has been emergency medicine, and in just 16 months, I will graduate and start my residency. Being a science major at Cornerstone University was an experience I would never change. The professors are more than experts in their fields; they are also followers of Christ who boldly live out their faith in the scientific community. They are mentors and friends. They care about the students, and they strive to help each one succeed. When I arrived at medical school, I realized that my undergraduate science experience gave me a very strong foundation for continued learning in the medical field."
Stefanie Wise (’06)

What can I do with this major?

Most who complete this major will pursue graduate education in one of the medical professions. In addition, some pursue degrees in nursing, podiatry, optometry or other health care professions. Because of the rigor of the academic program, students are also well prepared for work in research or industrial laboratory settings as laboratory technicians or researchers.

Why choose Biology (Health Science and Pre-Professional) at Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is unique in that not only will you receive a solid academic preparation for your professional education, but you will be taught from a biblically solid Christian worldview. We have a proven track record of giving students what they need not only to get into medical school, but to succeed once they get there. More importantly, our graduates' scientific knowledge is built on the solid foundation of the Word of God so that their faith is built up along with their minds.

Interesting classes I may take?

You’ll take classes in zoology, genetics, anatomy and physiology, evolution and origins, molecular cell biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, anatomical kinesiology and physics.

What internships or partnerships are available with this program?

Internships may be in a variety of settings including medical facilities overseas or in other parts of the country, such as the Mayo Clinic. Local hospitals, clinics and health care facilities and research institutes  provide additional resources for experiential education.

What are grads doing now?

Practicing medicine, attending professional schools, practicing nursing, performing research.

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