Biology (Secondary Education)


The biology (secondary education) major prepares students to teach biology, anatomy and physiology or other life-science courses in a high school classroom, so that their students can have a greater understanding of the miracle of life and an appreciation for the complex interactions of all living things.

"I'm in my second year of teaching at Antwerp Local School in rural northwest Ohio. I'm teaching freshman biology, advanced biology, anatomy and physiology and conservation. Also, I'm coaching high school golf and junior high track. I want to thank the science professors at Cornerstone for investing in me. They went out of their way to build relationships in and out of the classroom. At Cornerstone, science course was more than a class - it was a community of learners." Philip Rangel (‘07), science teacher, Antwerp Local School.

What can I do with a major in Biology, Secondary Education?

This major will allow you to work toward an endorsement to teach life sciences for 9th to 12th grade students. With an endorsement in chemistry for secondary teachers (minor), this is a strong degree combination. At Cornerstone, biology is taught from the point of view that we can learn more about our Creator by studying and caring for his creation. While God’s inspired word (the Bible) is the ultimate authority for all truth, his creation also provides us a window to glimpse his creativity, wisdom and beauty. After completing this hands-on and challenging program, you will be well equipped to help high school students encounter God through the living things he has made.

Where will I do my student teaching?

Students in this major spend a semester student teaching in science classrooms in schools throughout West Michigan or may even choose to student teach internationally.

With a major in Biology Education, what interesting classes will I take?

You’ll take classes that are hands-on and inquiry-based in botany, zoology, genetics, anatomy and physiology, evolution and origins, molecular cell biology, principles of organic and biochemistry and a variety of education courses. Students in this major spend a semester student teaching at schools throughout west Michigan.

What are graduates of the Biology Education program doing now?

Our students have filled teaching positions around the United States and the World. Our students are teaching in such diverse places as Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Bangladesh.