Our semester-long chapel theme is “An Appropriate Anticipation: Waiting with Hope,” which comes on the heels of our semester-long reflections on lament. The anticipation theme’s key passage is Isaiah 40:31. This week, Dr. Peter Osborn introduced the theme for the semester by exploring the idea of waiting and having the strength to wait well.

Peter explored Isaiah 40:27-31, voicing the frustration we may feel in our waiting, and our wondering whether our causes are being heard or whether God is even aware of our needs. He reminded us that God’s transcendence means that we don’t understand His ways, but it doesn’t mean He doesn’t care for us. It also promises us that God will not grow tired or weary. No matter how much we fear, and no matter how much we think we can do it on our own strength, the Lord will renew our strength.


Dr. Peter Osborn is a member of GRTS faculty and is vice president for adult learning at Cornerstone University. He earned his Ph.D. from Michigan State University. As an administrator in higher education and former pastor, his research interests include organizational transformation, educational technologies and teaching and learning theory.