Anne Parpas understood the need for counseling after she experienced trauma at a young age. At 18, she married a boy from her youth group, and the next 10 years were marked by marital abuse, shame and suffering. With the help of a local ministry, Parpas was able to get out of that situation. Years later, she gave back to the ministry by serving on the board of directors.

“I did a lot of community education and shared my testimony,” Parpas said. “With this came questions such as ‘Are you a counselor?’ Knowing I was not, I researched master’s programs and found that GRTS was the best fit for me.”

A registered nurse for over 20 years, Parpas has worked in emergency rooms, operating rooms and cardiac intervention and taught licensed practical nurses. Her nursing background, in turn, informed her counseling career.

As a result, Parpas founded Integrative Health Consultants (IHC), which launched in September 2013. The behavioral and mental health private practice has 23 clinicians, including licensed psychologists, social workers and licensed professional counselors. The goal of IHC is to “bridge the gap between the physical and behavioral health of all our clients,” according to Parpas.

In the last four years, Parpas has also created a treatment center for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) at IHC. IHC has five providers in the OCD Treatment Center at IHC. “We work with the International OCD Foundation and a few OCD specialists in Michigan to direct people in the community suffering with OCD to get the help they deserve,” Parpas said.

Parpas approaches her innovative work in behavioral and mental health with humility. As a business owner, Parpas has seen difficult challenges and navigated them faithfully. During the COVID-19 crisis, IHC transitioned to telehealth operations, which in some ways gave Parpas more opportunities to see her clients, especially if they lived outside of West Michigan.

“God has given me the skills and abilities to effect change in our community, and I can’t take that lightly,” Parpas said. “Without His strength and power, I would not be able to do what I do. The decisions I make from day to day have to be intentional and guided by my ability to take what God has called me to do, as well as the knowledge that God works through others to inform my decisions.”


Anne Parpas (M.A. ’13) founded Integrative Health Consultants in 2013. She is qualified in clinical counseling by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC). Parpas lives in Grand Rapids with her husband and two children.