In his first conversation with us, Dr. Matt Bloom of the University of Notre Dame described four components of well-being: flourishing, resilience, thriving and authenticity. When he joined us for a second conversation, he focused on the area of authenticity in order to answer for us, “What is an authentic identity?”

Drawing from his and others’ research in social psychology, Matt helped us understand how we cultivate a sense of identity through our life stories and the themes we discern that connect them. Matt suggested that these themes show up in terms of our capabilities, characteristics, core convictions and connections. He then talked about how these four C’s relate to a strong identity. To learn more, watch the video of this virtual event.

Those who attended the event received a complimentary copy of a book recommended by Matt—”She: Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Women in Ministry” by Karoline M. Lewis.

Matt told us about two books that he thought would be helpful to pastors:

Matt also developed a resource to help us discover our core by writing our life stories. You can download the PDF.

Additional Resources

As we, the Talking Points team, listened to Matt’s presentation and the follow-up questions, we thought the following resources might also be of benefit.