This week in chapel, Navy Chaplain Baron Miller spoke on exemplars of the faith by sharing the story of Rahab from Joshua 2. Rahab is mentioned three times in the New Testament, including in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1:5, Hebrews 11:31 and in James 2:25-26. Rahab was a woman who melded her faith and her deeds well, and God acts gracious to preserve the honor and dignity of her family.

The first thing we learn about Rahab is that she is a prostitute, and yet she was also ambitious. She operated a hotel and dealt in flax, which was used to make linen fabric. Rahab took a risk as she knew that God was on the move, and she could not save herself. By taking in the spies, Rahab puts everything on the line, and it is evident that she shifted her loyalties from the king of Jericho to the King of Kings.

Rahab did not have a private faith just between her and God, but she went public with her belief, and in doing so, she becomes a prime example of how faith and deeds are intertwined.

Listen to the full sermon below.


Chaplain Baron Miller served in the Marine Corps for five years from 1995-2000. After 9/11, Chaplain Miller had a strong desire to continue to serve in the military but in a new way as a chaplain officer so he began to take steps toward chaplaincy. He completed his bachelor’s degree in human services, and he received his master’s degree from a small international seminary in Seattle, Wash.

Throughout his education, he served at an Cornwall Church, a Church of God congregation in Bellingham, Wash., and eventually, through that work, he planted Roosevelt Community Church. Since 2010, Baron Miller has served as a Navy Chaplain.