Two Cornerstone University alumni are working to bring the hope and love of Christ to the Grand Rapids community through a unique region-wide movement.

Dan Clark (B.S. ’08) and Rachel Kono (B.S. ’17) are a part of the church relations team for CityFest West Michigan, a major evangelistic campaign with Luis and Andrew Palau. Clark works as church relations associate, and Kono serves as church relations administrative assistant.

What is CityFest?

CityFest is focused on encouraging unity and collaboration while serving the community’s deepest needs and proclaiming the Gospel. The team began work for the initative in the summer of 2017, building relationships and mobilizing local churches to join in the effort. So far, over 300 churches have committed to share in the outreach effort.

Throughout the next few months, there will be a series of outreach events strategically designed to share the love of Christ with specific groups in our community, including business and civic leaders, prisoners and university students. Finally, in September 2018, CityFest will host an outdoor, family-oriented festival in downtown Grand Rapids with evangelists Luis and Andrew Palau.

President Dr. Joe Stowell serves as co-chair of the CityFest leadership board, along with Doug DeVos. “We’re calling on all the followers of Christ in West Michigan to get involved,” Stowell shared.

The team at CityFest is working hard to create a sustainable change in West Michigan through covering the region in prayer, working together in the One West Michigan service initiative and encouraging Christians to share in the festival experience.

“What I really love about what we get to do is that if just one person comes to know Jesus, it’s worth it,” shared Clark. “We’re a part of something that is bigger than ourselves.”

Kono shared her passion for being a part of the effort. “It’s amazing to see the bigger picture, and think of how my small efforts fit in. I think of Daniel 1:5-16, and how we are never really qualified for the task that God lays in front of us. God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.”

How Can I Be Involved?

Attend an Event

CityFest is hosting a series of events leading up to the September festival, including the RE:NEW gathering, a Talking Points Conference at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, evangelism training and more outreach events.

Get Your Church Involved

This evangelistic campaign would not be possible without the support of passionate individuals and churches. Ask your church leadership to consider becoming a partner church!

Pray for West Michigan

Pray that hearts would be moved in our communities and that we would grasp the vision for a better community that loves and serves the Lord.