Lately, many of us have been spending a lot more time at home. You may be taking up new childcare responsibilities. You may be learning how to keep work-life balance in a new way. You may be becoming proficient in your use of videoconferencing as you connect with friends and family you can’t visit in person.

And unfortunately, due to numerous businesses closing or limiting hours, you may find yourself back in the job-hunting stage.

But there is hope. There are opportunities for you.

Even when you can’t go in for an in-person interview, you can still continue to explore your career opportunities, with the support of a bachelor’s degree. All you’ll need is an internet connection and a laptop.

With the power of resources like the internet and video conferencing, the world of online opens up a wide range of job opportunities you can pursue right from your laptop at home. With our increasingly tech-evolving environment, working from the comfort of your own home has never been easier.

These types of careers are often noted as freelancing or established by a contract and paid hourly for specific projects. However, as the demand for flexible working options meets an organization’s desire for quality candidates, remote work has continued to thrive.

This population has continued to see significant growth over the years. According to FlexJobs, about 4.7 million U.S. workers are remote, a 159% increase between 2005 and 2017.

Whether you’ve been interested in remote work, are forced into it for a temporary period or are on the hunt for new opportunities, these opportunities can help you continue a stream of income even in the midst of these turbulent times.

Many of these work-from-home opportunities serve as great side hustles or second jobs that can help you bring in a little extra income for yourself and your family. You can also turn these into full-time options if you’re looking for new employment. Some jobs may give you the opportunity to work a few days from home or provide a fully remote position. Either way, a bachelor’s degree can fuel your career trajectory wherever and however you decide to work.

Top Remote Jobs That Require a Bachelor’s Degree

If you’re on your way to pursuing your bachelor’s degree or considering your options for your next steps, this list of five careers can help. While opportunities for each position may vary, you can begin to explore how a degree can open the door for your next career, whether that’s in a manufacturing plant, a front desk or even a laptop in your home office.

We searched current career opportunities to compile this quick list of top remote jobs you can explore with your bachelor’s degree. For most of these roles, you can find available openings in browsing job posting sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs and others.


With a bachelor’s degree, you’ve got the experience of navigating through course content that others might need help with. Fuel your passion to meet the needs of others as an online tutor. Whether you excel in math, have a fascination for social sciences or desire to equip others with a firm grasp on English, you can teach others with transformative knowledge.

With an increasing number of students looking to online platforms for on-demand tutoring and academic assistance, you can meet K-12 and even college students where they’re at as they pursue their own education.

Often, these online tutoring platforms just require a bachelor’s degree in the related field and a history of academic success in the program. A key benefit of remote work, particularly with tutoring, is that you can set your own schedule for when you want to work. This flexible schedule makes it easy to fit in alongside your current full-time or other part-time roles. You can even turn these opportunities into your full-time job. The amount you can earn may be based on your experience level, area of teaching, credentials and other factors.

Virtual Assistant

Do you have the ability to keep yourself, your family, your extracurriculars and more responsibilities organized? Even more, do you find delight in staying organized? Your experience in advancing in an accelerated program sets a solid foundation for you to thrive as a virtual personal assistant.

Those soft skills and management experience you gain can be easily applied in navigating career paths you can excel in remotely. As a virtual assistant, you may find yourself taking on a wide range of responsibilities, including project management, social media, internal communications and coordinating complex schedules.

This can be a great career those who thrive in organization, are eager to learn new skills and are proactive in communication. Earning potential varies based on organization, credentials, job level and other factors.


Your background in business can set you up well as you start and run your own business out of your home. A degree in business administration or management can fuel your passion for entrepreneurship, and an online platform gives you a great opportunity. With a flourishing e-commerce environment, you can run your business right from your home. Earning potential varies based on your business, industry and other related factors.


Do you have a knack for numbers? You may consider pursuing opportunities to work remote in accounting. Those serving in this role have the opportunity to help startups, new small businesses, nonprofit organizations and others to manage their finances well without having to hire a full-time accountant.

Working remote or as a contractor with accounting or bookkeeping empowers you to use your degree in business to navigate things like taxes, budgeting, accounts and other financial-related responsibilities.

Customer Support

A key component of an effective organizational operation is an effective customer support platform that serves its clients and guests well, regardless of industry. With your experience in a bachelor’s degree, whether that be in business or social services like psychology, you’ve cultivated skills required to be effective in navigating customer support, even while at home.

With the opportunity to pursue customer service jobs 100% online and via phone, this provides a way for you to enjoy the convenience of working at home while using what you’ve gained in a degree program as you relate to and support customers in retail or other industry.

Whether you pursue a career as a call center agent, travel agent or offer technical support online, your experience and expertise in effective communication and problem-solving are in high demand. Earning potential varies based on factors like location, responsibilities, industry and others.

Get to Work With the Internet and Your Degree

As you look for new opportunities or to advance your career, you’ve got options. Career paths like these provide you the unique opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise gained through your degree to pursue your potential. Whether you take on a remote job from home as another way to generate a little extra income or dive in as a full-time role, you’ve got opportunities awaiting you.

And to get there, you’ll need the credentials and experience of a bachelor’s degree. Continue along your career path by discovering a bachelor’s degree to get you where you want to be.

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