Step back. Small steps. Step together. Step faithfully.

It’s not a line dance at a Nashville honky-tonk. It’s a pathway to flourishing according to University of Notre Dame professor Matt Bloom.

On Monday, Aug. 31, Dr. Matt Bloom joined our Fall 2020 Talking Points series to teach us about the four components of wellbeing and four steps we can take to move toward flourishing. You can listen to his presentation and his responses to participants’ questions in this video on Cornerstone University’s Vimeo channel.

Matt shared several resources that he and his team have created with the generous funding they have received from the Lilly Endowment. One of those resources is the free Workwell App which includes a wellbeing assessment, wellbeing tracker and plan for improving your wellbeing. You can learn more about Matt’s research on clergy wellbeing at the Workwell website. You can also read his recent book, “Flourishing in Ministry: How to Cultivate Clergy Wellbeing.” Everyone who attended the Aug. 31 event will receive a complimentary copy of Matt’s book.

Matt will join us for a second virtual event on Sept. 14 to talk about cultivating an authentic pastoral identity. You can sign up for that event via the link below.

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