Every Wednesday morning at GRTS, we gather as a community to worship God and reflect on His word. Chapel is an important part of who we are as a seminary. It’s an intentional time for us to pause our work, turn off our technology and stop our lectures to gather as the people of God in worship.

Here is the chapel schedule this semester. Chapel is held on Wednesday mornings from 9:50 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. in the Pirsig/Debruyn Chapel.

If you’re a student, consider coming in even if you’re not in class that day. If you’re not a student, join us and be blessed by the worship and messages. We will also be posting the recordings of each week’s message here on the blog. Check back to listen in.


Each semester we have a theme that guides our worship, prayer and reflection. This semester’s theme is “An Appropriate Presence: Living as the People of God.” What does it mean to be the people of God in His world? To put the question differently, what is our redemption for? We know that God moves in our lives in mighty ways and has brought us into relationship with Himself. But why? For what purpose? Is it simply to get our “ticket to ride to the other side”? Or is there more to this “calling” the apostle Paul speaks of? These are all important questions that have crucial implications for how we live as Christians in the world.

During chapel this semester, we hope to explore all the ways that God invites us to join Him in His redemptive plan for His world. Jesus taught that God’s Kingdom is a present reality invading our world. He invites His disciples to embody this Kingdom as we learn to love and serve the world.

Click here to listen to the opening message last week by Dr. Peter Osborn. He speaks from the book of Revelation about the diversity of God’s Kingdom.

You can find a list of our speakers and recordings from previous chapels here!

Join us this semester as we explore what it means to be “an appropriate presence”!