The seminary is such a quiet space with students on break. I can walk out of my office and down the hall without being greeted by a friend or running into anyone really. Some days the quiet is nice. I am able to zone in on work and get a lot done. I appreciate the extra opportunity to focus.

Most days, though, it just feels empty. GRTS is a seminary. It’s a place where students come to learn more about God’s character and deepen their relationships with Him. It’s a place where I overhear students sitting in the lounge discussing the “new perspective” on Paul or trying to analyze the worldview behind the new Star Wars film. It’s a place where counseling students learn new counseling approaches and support each other in working with challenging clients.

Simply put, GRTS is a place for students, and we cannot wait to have them back for the spring semester. With over 330 students already signed up for classes, we are looking forward to a great group of new and returning students in the spring.

The Master of Arts in Counseling is still our largest program with over 105 students enrolled each year. It is a great fit for people who want to help others and show the love of Christ in a world that experiences a lot of brokenness. We are very proud of our students and alumni who have spread throughout Michigan and many other states providing counseling services with a deep knowledge and God’s Word.

The Master of Divinity comes in as a close second with over 85 students. These men and women are completing our largest and most comprehensive degree program. They are taking classes in Greek and Hebrew, traveling to the Holy Land and deepening their relationship with God. They are training to be pastors, missionaries, worship leaders, doctoral scholars, bible teachers and so much more.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining a learning community that studies God’s Word and encourages each other, GRTS might be the place for you. Join the incoming class this spring or fall and help us to fill the halls! Join the class, join the conversations, and watch your relationship with Christ grow.