This week, Dr. Robert Lehman explored the integrity of lament, using Job as a case study. Through his experience as a pastor and a counselor, Dr. Lehman has observed many who lament with integrity, but he has also observed many who do not.

Scripture repeatedly presents and describes Job as a man of integrity, and this extends to his expressions of lament. Dr. Lehman drew our attention to the fact that Job refused to sin against God through his times of grief.

“God seems unconcerned with the expression of Job’s lament. However, God is very concerned with the theology of Job’s lament.” Dr. Lehman pointed out that worship is always the right response to grief and loss: it’s the start of lament, not the end. He pointed out that theology must guide lament, and we must not reverse these. Finally, he pointed out that the central question of lament is not one of “why,” but is instead one that asks “who?” Who is God when bad things happen? Questions of “why” can lead us down the path of destruction.

When we go through times of loss, we must maintain integrity by allowing our theology to guide our laments.


Dr. Robert Lehman is a licensed counselor in the state of Michigan. He serves at GRTS as professor of counseling and Master of Arts in Counseling program director. He teaches many of the core counseling classes that are required for Michigan state licensure, including Counseling Theories, Consulting and Counseling Philosophy. He and his wife Sarah enjoy canoeing with their family.