Everyone who considers counseling has to wrestle with at least one basic question, Could I really do this kind of work? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to get insight as to whether you would make a good counselor:

  • Are you passionate about helping hurting people find hope in a broken world?
  • Do you want to help individuals and families through difficult times?
  • Does your heart break for the pain that people experience in daily life?
  • Are you excited to share the love of Christ with those who need it most?
  • Do you like to listen and help individuals work through big decisions?
  • Are you interested in helping those with mental illness learn how to thrive?

At the heart of a counselor is the desire to help people overcome brokenness and pursue wholeness in life. Counselors are professionals who minister through a willingness to invest their time and energy in the lives of others. A growing number of churches and ministries are recognizing the need to partner with trained and licensed counselors to care for their people.

In my role at the seminary, I regularly work with students in the residential counseling program. It is exciting to see counselors in training as they progress through the program and develop a professional identity in the field.

However, after deciding you have what it takes, there’s a second question aspiring counselors must wrestle with: How will I complete the necessary training to start this career, especially if I don’t live near a school that offers a counseling program?

The counseling program at GRTS has been very popular, so we are working hard to make this training available to even more students—especially those living outside the Grand Rapids area.

To that end, Cornerstone University is excited to announce the new online Master of Arts in Counseling Program, which is set to launch in January 2016!

Here are a few details about the program:

  • The online M.A. in Counseling program is available to students living outside the Grand Rapids area and desire to pursue a future career in counseling.
  • The program will enable students to meet the requirements needed for Michigan state licensure.
  • The program is offered in a flexible online format where students come to campus just two times during their entire program for 3-day intensives.
  • Students in the program will be able to accelerate through the program in three years as they progress through consecutive 8-week classes.
  • Our very own GRTS faculty will teach a significant portion of the program.