A little over a year ago, Darrell Yoder, Emily DeVries and I gathered in a conference room at GRTS to brainstorm titles for the 2020 Talking Points conference. Based on some initial conversation I had with Darrell and my work on other “Thriving in Ministry” projects, I had jotted a few words on sticky notes to get the conversation going. I posted them on the whiteboard, and we began moving them around, listing synonyms, and playing with different options.

Eventually we landed on “Resilience: Finding Wholeness in Ministry by Way of the Cross.” We believed that title captured all of the themes we believed this conference could address. We knew what we meant by it, but how would the title and the ideas in it resonate with others?

In the months leading up to the conference, we worked with videographer Eric Schrotenboer to create several video resources not only to promote the event but also to catalyze conversations about the topics that we would take up that day. Part of that project involved interviewing local pastors about their thoughts on ministry. We asked each of them what they thought about “resilience” and “finding wholeness by way of the cross.” You can hear what they told us in this video.