On Aug. 3, Talking Points launched a series of virtual events designed to help pastors and ministry leaders like you think about pastoral wellbeing and how to practice self-care in a profession often defined by self-sacrifice. We heard from Sean Nemecek, West Michigan Regional Director for PIR Ministries. Reflecting on his work among pastors, Sean shared how he has observed a crisis of soul care among pastors; many pastors and ministry leaders, he said, suffer from compassion fatigue and burnout. The antidote, according to Sean, is resting in God’s presence and provision.

In our first virtual event, Sean offered reflections on Psalm 23, which he described a roadmap for recovery from burnout. He then offered multiple ways in which pastor and ministry leaders can practice Sabbath, beyond just taking one day off per week. He also gave several practical ideas for what to do on a Sabbath. You can watch the video recording of the event.

Those who attended the virtual event on August 3 will receive a free copy of Wayne Muller’s “Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives.”

Sean also recommended other resources including PIR’s Sabbath Planning Guide and articles on soul care at pastorsoul.com. Be sure to contact PIR Ministries if you need help planning your Sabbath, a prayer retreat or sabbatical.

Additional Resources

As part of the Talking Points conference this year, we had hoped to provide space for pastors and ministry leaders tasked with shepherding God’s flock to remember that the Lord is their shepherd. Here are a few songs on Psalm 23 we had hoped to play during the conference.