This week in chapel, Sharon Brown led us through a time of prayer by incorporating prayer exercises. We opened in prayer with open hands facing upwards as a way to cast all our cares upon the Lord. She emphasized that as we pray to God we are releasing and receiving with open hands.

Sharon taught from Ephesians 4:32-5:2 to guide us in this time of prayer. We were reminded that we can only be kind and compassionate to others if we remember how God in Christ has dealt with us with kindness, tenderhearted compassion and grace that forgives our sins. Ephesians 4:24 informs us that our Heavenly Father gives us an entirely new self, which is to be clothed in his likeness, in his kindness, tenderheartedness, compassion, forgiveness and love. Therefore, as you have been loved, love others. As you have been forgiven, forgive others. As we are convinced of the greatness and fullness of God and His character, the more our response to the presence of God and the way we love him will be impacted.

Listen to the full message and prayer exercise below.


Sharon Garlough Brown (GRTS adjunct faculty) is an author, retreat speaker and spiritual director. A graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, Sharon has served on the pastoral staff of congregations in Scotland, Oklahoma, England and most recently in West Michigan, where she co-pastored Redeemer Covenant Church with her husband, Jack, for many years.

Her spiritual formation novels, “Sensible Shoes,” “Two Steps Forward,” “Barefoot,” and “An Extra Mile.” follow the journey of characters who are learning to rest in the love of God. View Sharon’s website at