Lenski Llorens gave a message in chapel this week based on Acts 27, when Paul was shipwrecked on his way to Rome. Lenski shared about our need to wait with discernment, faithfully pursuing God’s plan for our lives and not depending on human wisdom.

“If you look back, wherever you are now, if you honestly look back, are you able to say ‘I am here because I have inquired of the Lord and He has reassured me of who I am and what He has called me to do, and therefore that is informing what I am doing?’ Or would honest assessment, a discerning view say ‘I’m here, and I’m doing good things (or things I think I’m supposed to be doing), but I can’t actually say whether God has called me to this?'”

Human wisdom is good and important, but must be submitted to God’s plan and call. God’s goodness is so great that He is able and willing to use us right where we are, regardless of whether or not we have been seeking Him along the path that has led us to wherever we are now.

In the story in Acts, God could have only saved Paul from that shipwreck, but He chose to save the whole crew. “Often times, our devotion to God allows us not only to be used by God but to then also bring others around us in, to witness what God does in His sovereignty, in His power, in His love and in His grace.”


Lenski Llorens is a graduate of GRTS. He and his wife Tanya have been married for 15 years and have a 6 year old son named Gavin. He has 14 years of ministry experience in the areas of youth, para-church and pastoral ministries. He is currently finishing up a Pastoral Residency at Calvary Church and in the early stages of a church plant for the NW Grand Rapids/Alpine corridor area.