This week in chapel, Darrell Yoder gave a message that addressed when we’ve “blown it,” and are waiting for healing and forgiveness. His message explored how we can wait and rest and deal with our sin, while still moving forward.

In Psalm 25:1-7, King David prays through a time of waiting in shame and pain. Darrell draws out three lessons from these verses for us. First of all, Darrell points out that David chose to turn to God, despite having many other options of places he could have turned. Second, David was hungry to be changed by God. “When we’re waiting in shame, do we get teachable?” Often when we’re in that space, we get wrapped up in what the other person should do to change, when we need to be focused on what we need to change ourselves. Third, David waits with hope by confessing his sin and throwing himself before God, asking Him to remember His mercy and love rather than David’s sin and shortcomings. David refuses to allow his shame to define him, but rather puts all his hope in God’s undeserved love while he waits.


Darrell Yoder is a Jesus follower, husband, father, pastor and teacher. He earned his Master of Divinity from GRTS in 2007 and has served in pastoral ministry since 2009. Currently, Darrell is a program director and adjunct professor at GRTS and gives leadership to the Pirsig Fellowship, Kern Scholars and Talking Points programs. In this role, Darrell engages students in the classroom, the recruiting process, one-on-one mentoring and more. He also engages pastors and churches through Talking Points events, pulpit supply and coffee/lunch meetings. Professionally, Darrell is most interested in pastoral ministry and spiritual formation. Outside of work Darrell enjoys doing life with his wife and three kids, spending time with friends, distance running, grilling and a good cup of Yirgacheffe.