In this week’s chapel, Jennifer Greer brought us a message based on Acts 1:1-44. In this passage, the disciples wait between the resurrection and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Luke reminds his readers that Jesus is Who He says He is, and will accomplish what He says He will.

Based on this truth about Jesus, we can be confident that we will receive the power of the Holy Spirit because Jesus tells us it will happen. While we wait for the perfected Kingdom of God to arrive, we know that we are equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit. The disciples had to wait for it, but the power they received is evident. Mere days earlier, the disciples denied Christ, then hid in a room and waited. After the arrival of the Holy Spirit, they declared the truth of the resurrection with new-found power and boldness.

“The world is waiting for our witness in word and deed. In our waiting for Jesus to come again, just as He said He would, we have Kingdom work to be done; and we have been given the power in the Spirit that dwells in us and will never leave us to do it.”