How to Start the College Search Your Junior Year

By Bailey Linton on June 3, 2019

"It's never to early to start looking at colleges!"

I started hearing this line from just about every one of my family members starting when I finished the third grade. I'd tell them, "I'm too young to think about college!"

None of them much liked to hear that. I thought all of them were being crazy for spurring me on so early (which, to be fair, they probably were). However, my junior year is when…


By Joe Stowell on June 13, 2019

In the latest issue of our Alumni Journal, meet some legacy graduates who carry the CU brand as influencers for Christ into the arena of education.

From the Alumni Relations Office: Alumni Journal 2019

By Dennis Graham on June 14, 2019

The transition from high school to college can be an interesting and challenging time. Leaving your parents' home for the first time, being responsible for yourself and simply figuring out who God created you to be is a process that can be difficult. Some thrive while others struggle.

Graduating from college and transitioning into the adult working world also poses many challenges. From finding the…

David Jesse: Reporting is Endless

By Leslie VerBerkmoes on June 18, 2019

From his experience as a student paper writer in high school to his role as a full-time Detroit Free Press reporter, David Jesse (CU ’97) has a passion for journalism. At Cornerstone University, David pursued a degree in English and spent four years working for the campus newspaper. In addition to writing for the campus newspaper, he was the editor for three years, using the lessons he learned in class…

What Marvel Movies Taught Me About College Life

By Bailey Linton on June 26, 2019

For those of you who may not know a lot about me, I would like to let you in on a secret: I love Marvel more than I love most things.

I grew up reading comic books and learning fact after fact about all things Marvel related. To this day, I can probably tell you exactly how characters reacted in situations in the comics as compared to the movies. That brings me to the thing I hold most dear about…