5 Real Reasons to Attend a Christian College. And no, we don't list chapel (but honestly, that is legit here too).

By Dave Emerson on September 24, 2018

1. Formation: Develop a faith that fits you.

This is college. Here, for the first time, your faith will become truly your own. The ways you pray, serve, worship, disciple, learn and grow are no longer going to be defined by your parents or your youth pastor; they are going to be discovered by you. Students who attend a Christian college uncover unique ways of connecting with God—ways you won't find at a state university or a secular school.

At Cornerstone, students all participate in a year-long program called Terra Firma, where you can identify the unique ways God is calling you into the world through service, discussion of global issues, skill development and student empowerment. Here, faith comes alive as you take on critical global concerns like human trafficking, battling malaria, caring for orphans and more. Here, you won't just build a career; you'll build a life that matters.

2. Relationship: Professors who will change your life.

No student wants to get lost in a massive lecture hall. And no student wants to feel alienated from a professor due to a divide in belief. By choosing a school where you share a common foundation of faith with your professors, you will benefit from brilliant thought, challenging ideas and new perspectives that still respect and enhance your faith in Jesus Christ.

At Cornerstone, we believe in relational learning, which means we keep class sizes small. Our professors go above and beyond to connect with you over your passions and your aspirations. From leading unique study abroad experiences to working with you individually outside of class so you understand the material, CU professors care about more than your mind; they care about your heart and your soul.

3. Impact: Living a life of local and global influence.

A lot of universities will tell you college is about "finding yourself." And that may be true. As a Christian university, Cornerstone believes college is about finding the needs of the hurting. We exist to bring hope to the oppressed and measurable change to the world. We exist to make life better, not for ourselves, but for the planet, and we connect every student with the opportunity to pursue that kind of work while here. We know that may sound kind of lofty, but that's the way we think. If that's the way you think too, we invite you to consider earning a degree with a university that values the same things as you.

4. Networking: Because employers are looking for more than just skills.

We get it: earning a degree is ultimately about landing a job you believe in. And when it comes to hiring, employers are now looking at a lot more than just skills. They look at your character and your work ethic. They look at your internship experience and the kind of opportunities you pursued while in school.

When you choose a Christian education, you demonstrate far more than your knowledge, you also show your future employer what you value. And at Cornerstone, we keep a robust career network of alumni so you can connect with job opportunities at all kinds of companies where people share your passions AND your convictions.

5. Friendship: For connection that extends beyond a frat house.

Over the next four years of college, you are going to meet "your people"—the unique blend of friends with whom you hang out, eat, study, adventure, start prank wars and do everything else college kids do. At Cornerstone, students find themselves surprised by the depth of friendships they build. Because here, you aren't just sharing similar interests, you also are sharing your faith and your longing to live a life that matters. When you choose a Christian university, you increase your chance of finding friends who will last for a lifetime. And with all of the opportunities at Cornerstone to travel abroad, try new classes and connect through amazing campus traditions like the annual Powder Puff Football Game, you'll build a community of friends here that endures far beyond your college years.

College Is About More Than a Degree

At Cornerstone, knowledge is about more than memorizing facts. Here, you will develop a deeper understanding of people, life and God. You will conquer challenges, grow in wisdom and make more memories than you can count.

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