Worthy Fitness: An Interview with Student Kara Martin

By Sarah Hiemstra on February 26, 2018

At Cornerstone University, Kara Martin (B.S. '19) is pursuing more than a degree. She has accomplished her goal of becoming a personal trainer and has already launched her own business, all while attending Cornerstone's traditional undergraduate program.

Interview with Kara Martin

In a recent interview, Kara shared her story and some exciting opportunities happening with her business Worthy Fitness.

What is your major?

Martin: "I am a double major studying exercise science and leadership in athletics. This is a major I constructed through the Interdisciplinary Studies Division, combining sports management, coaching and ministry classes."

How has Cornerstone prepared you for your career?

Martin: "Cornerstone's most significant impact on my life was in the relationships I formed with faculty and staff who cared to see me succeed. Practically speaking, this has meant professors do not just see me as a letter grade but as a person with real character and passion. These professors have served as references on my applications for noteworthy jobs and internships that I later received.

"Also, the university has provided me the opportunity to dabble in every field I want to have knowledge of—kinesiology, business and ministry."

What are your vocational goals?

Martin: "I have been working as a personal trainer for almost a year now. Although I will continue to pursue higher-level certifications, my career will consist of leading people into greater personal health. My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals.

"To be great in the fitness world, a trainer must specialize in a specific target group of clients. For example, a trainer can specialize in basketball athletes looking to improve their jump shot, expectant mothers looking to stay in good health or college students looking to lose the freshman fifteen. I do not anticipate making this specialization choice for a few years yet, but I guarantee I'll love training my clients."

How did Worthy Fitness begin?

Logo for Worthy Fitness

Martin: "When I was in high school, I worked at an amusement park that was managed quite poorly and lacked imagination in marketing. While I was frustrated at first, I soon realized that I could learn much about how not to run a business. I spent my long hours thinking of ways to improve sales and management, wishing I had the opportunity to implement these ideas for the park.

"It was really almost a no-brainer for me to start a business. I received my personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in August and registered Worthy Fitness Training in September. I am a doer which means once I had the idea to start a business, I had to go through with it.

"The name Worthy Fitness is my way of stating my personal beliefs in a way that is not overwhelming. I believe we are all made in the image of God and were created to fulfill a purpose in this life. I believe we are better able to live both into the image of God and into our personal callings when we are living healthy lifestyles, remaining conscious of what we eat and proactive about what we do. Worthy Fitness exists to help clients grow into people who are 'worthy to live into the calling they have received' (Ephesians 4:1)."

Who helped you start Worthy Fitness?

Martin: "Kim Zainea, my faculty adviser and professor for several kinesiology classes, has helped me with everything I have pursued since I was a freshman college student. She provided me with my first two clients.

"Rachel Hammond, assistant professor of business, helped with the legal logistics of a start-up business, and she helped me think through what Worthy would look like being on a college campus.

"Finally, Professor Terry Huber guided my initial marketing plans and still checks up on Worthy when we run into each other.

"And of course, this list would not be complete without thanking Chip Huber and Rachel Wood for allowing me to train students, faculty and staff in the Bernice Hansen Athletic Center."

Tell us about your upcoming Pi Day Pi K event.

Logo for Pi Day Pi K race

Martin: "My Calculus II class had an idea my senior year to celebrate Pi Day (March 14) in an incredible way—to host a fun run the distance of 3.14 kilometers. Unfortunately, that idea was never acted upon until now.

"Pi Day Pi K is a fun run hosted on Cornerstone's campus on Pi Day. It is the distance of 3.14 kilometers or 1.95 miles. The registration deadline is March 1, 2018.

"In the race package, registrants will receive a training plan for the race, glow sticks, a Pi K T-shirt and free pie at the finish line!

"The race is not just for Cornerstone students; it is for anyone in the community interested in running. I expect to have over 100 runners on the course that night."

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