Champions of Character

By Joe Stowell on March 31, 2015

Hanging our third National Championship banner was nothing short of a massive celebration here at Cornerstone. Students gathered in the Hansen Center to celebrate the third national championship for our men's basketball team.

But what was most remarkable about the Championship Celebration wasn't the school spirit or raving fans but the attitude of the winning team. Our men's basketball players were humbled and grateful, considering their victory a blessing. I was touched to hear some testimonies from these young men that night and am especially impressed with the way athletics gives our student athletes a chance to honor God—in the way they treat their team, the words they speak on the field and the way they handle both losses and victories.

There are two student athletes I'd like to introduce to you: Ty Mason, a graduating senior whose mom battled breast cancer during his junior year, and Brittany Murray, a women's track and field runner who earned the title of National Champion after enduring several physical difficulties.

Brittany Murray ('15)

Women's Indoor Track & Field

"I am so thankful to be a part of this community because people here care about you on a deeper level other than class, sport, or work. The team is like a family unit that is supportive and present in the good times and the bad.

"I have had many obstacles with my injuries leading up to the indoor season, including a bulging disc in my lower back. There was a time it caused discouragement and doubt about what I could accomplish, but you never know what God can do through you. God has been with me through this entire journey, and I know things could have gone very differently. 

"Being a champion of character in part means going out of your way to do the little things like encouraging a teammate and serving them in some way. It also encompasses being honest in the competition, and respecting the officials as well as the competitors. I try and keep a humble and grateful heart, and keep the perspective that at all times, no matter what the circumstances, win or lose, God is so good!"

Ty Mason ('15)

Point Guard—Men's Basketball

"I've told so many people there wasn't a better way I could have scripted my senior year. I was a kid when I got here. Now I've really grown up.

"My mom got cancer the second half of my junior year. It was a tough time for me. Trying to stay positive was the biggest obstacle. Basketball didn't seem that important to me at the time, but the team was there for me through all the ups and downs. On and off the court the court's been there for us. 

"This season, my mom was finally cancer-free. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Things started going better for our team. We made it to the conference tournament, and people believed that maybe this was a possibility. Winning the Championship was so surreal. I don't think any of us could believe it. It's finally starting to sink in.

"I just think CU's community is unlike any other. It's cool to see the community come together and talk about faith and that's so special to me. Cornerstone has changed my life!"

Knowing our students are Champions of Character both on and off the field is just another reason why I love it here...

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