Determined Students

By Joe Stowell on November 16, 2016

Recently, I received an email from one of our students signed, Dhiraj. Needless to say I was's not your average kind of name. He asked if he could stop by my office and get acquainted. Meeting with students is a high priority with me so given my heightened curiosity about who he was and where he was from made it an easy "yes."

I was not ready for what I heard. Dhiraj is from Nepal. He is our first student from that remote country that is tucked in the Himalayas just north of the Indian border. His dad is a pastor and his grandparents successful business people in that country known for its massive Hindu population. Just before he came this fall as a freshman, the disastrous August earthquake that shook Nepal destroyed his grandparents' home and wreaked havoc on his family. Determined to come to Cornerstone in spite of the turmoil, with his dad's approval, he packed up and arrived on campus knowing no one and not sure how God would provide for him to stay here.

When I asked him what he was majoring in he said Media Production. That seemed like an interesting choice for a student from Nepal. But, he went on to explain that his dream was to return to Nepal after graduation and open Nepal's first Christian TV station to reach his country for Christ. To be honest I was taken aback...not only by his determination, but also by his dream!

Actually, while Dhiraj's story is unusual, at the same time it is not unlike a lot of our students who come here with determination and a dream. It's our joy to reward their determination with an outstanding college experience and to help them make their dreams come true...which is why I love it here!

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