Influential Graduates

By Joe Stowell on October 18, 2013

I recently visited one of our graduates in jail. He's been there quite a while and no doubt will be there for years to come.

His name is Craig Curtis, and he is the chaplain at the E.C. Brooks Correctional Facility in Muskegon, Michigan. Guys like Craig are my heroes! His work at the prison has been phenomenal, and last week I had the profound privilege of worshipping with Craig and 137 inmates at their weekly Sunday evening service. Though incarcerated, these guys have clearly been set free! Their robust, heartfelt singing resonated through the rafters of the gymnasium as a testimony to their new life in Jesus Christ. I couldn't have found a more receptive audience as I shared the Word of God. They were hungry!

Several of the inmates are in an in-depth course on biblical theology. A couple of them shared with me that God put them in prison to be a light for Christ. Others told me that they would never have known Jesus if they had not gone to jail, and they were thankful for that.

The board of Prison Fellowship will be meeting at the Brooks Facility for their upcoming board meeting to experience the significant outcomes of Craig's work first-hand.

Cornerstone University is committed to producing grads who will influence the cultures of our world for Christ...few of us would have guessed that it would include influencing the lives of inmates and culture of the Brooks Correctional Facility.

I get up in the morning for this kind of stuff!

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