International Guest Students

By Joe Stowell on July 22, 2014

Last Monday, CU welcomed 18 high school students from mainland China to our campus for our first "Life Success Camp" which is an outgrowth of our global strategy. These students will spend 2-1/2 weeks here in the States, taking classes with some of our professors and making an overnight trip to Mackinac Island and a day trip to Chicago.

They are a great way addition to our summer programming here at CU, not just in terms of giving them a stateside educational experience (and hopefully encouraging them to attend CU), but it also gives us a great opportunity to impact their lives for Christ. Some of them are from Christian homes, but many are not.

The students have already enjoyed a Whitecaps baseball game and hands-on classes with our professors. Seeing them thriving on our campus reminds me again of why I love it here!

Category: Global Influence