By Joe Stowell on June 13, 2019

Recently, a pastor friend of mine asked me what I thought my legacy would be at Cornerstone University. I told him that I wanted my legacy to be graduates who distinguish themselves in their callings and careers and who influence their cultures for Christ and His kingdom. I went on to say that I have always wanted Cornerstone's lead brand to be its people and particularly its graduates. And, that our goal has not been to build a great university but to build great people who can be instruments of God's grace and justice in our world.

In the latest issue of our Alumni Journal, you will meet some of these legacy graduates who carry the CU brand as influencers for Christ into the arena of education. Needless to say, education is at the heart of the CU enterprise. While we stay busy educating all of our students, many of our students sense a call to give their lives to impacting the world as educators as well. Which means that impacting our world through education doesn't stop at graduation since many of our graduates go on to invest their talents in a wide variety of educational contexts both locally and globally.

You will see that the focus of our graduates' work in education is wide and strategic. From tackling the growing problem of illiteracy through teaching in the classroom to educating people in the transformative truths of the gospel, these legacy grads are cultivating ground that will bear much fruit! Which is just another of the many reasons why I love serving Christ at Cornerstone!

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