Letter from the President: Our Fall 2018 Magazine and Annual Report

By Joe Stowell on November 16, 2018

One of my favorite fables is the story of a traveler who comes into a village and notices a barn with several targets painted on the side of it. Interestingly, an arrow was perfectly positioned in the bullseye of each target. Stopping at the local eatery, the traveler remarked that someone must be an amazing marksman to hit all the targets dead on. His server replied, "Actually there's a strange guy in town who shoots his arrows at the barn and then paints a target around each one."

It's easy to paint a target around an arrow. But for successful enterprises, the hard work is hitting a legitimate target right in the middle.

At CU, we aim to graduate students who will distinguish themselves in their careers and, as such, be empowered to influence their cultures for Christ and His kingdom. Hitting the bullseye in that target is the ultimate fulfillment of our mission.

This fall we held our annual Business Breakfast, welcoming nearly two hundred local business leaders and students to campus. The panel included three of our graduates who hold influential positions in the West Michigan marketplace. Their presentations were stellar! As I listened to our alumni articulately navigate the topic of diversity, it crossed my mind that each of them is distinguishing himself or herself in the marketplace and that each has a clear sense of how to winsomely influence his or her career field for Christ and His kingdom. It was impressive.


And, the breakfast was not just a one-off moment. I regularly hear stories of the impact that our grads are having in many different fields of service. Employers consistently tell me that they love having CU grads work for them. They tell me that the contribution of our alumni—both professionally and personally—helps their businesses to flourish.

Hitting this target is what we strive for at Cornerstone. And when our grads hit the bullseye, it makes serving here at CU a very rewarding experience.

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