Sojourners Mentors

By Joe Stowell on October 22, 2014

For those of us who went to college, we can remember what it felt like to be on our own for the first time. It was exciting, intimidating and perhaps, if you were like me, it was an opportunity for a bit of troublemaking!

College is a time of firsts. It's a student's first time being away from home, it's their first time living with a (sometimes strange) new roommate, and it's their first time making huge decisions for their future. But, here at CU, students don't have to do those things alone. Our Sojourners mentoring program was created to connect students with a mentor from our staff and faculty to share life experience and wisdom...and maybe reduce some of that troublemaking!

This year we have almost 70 new staff, faculty and students paired up along with returning pairs from previous years! Caring staff and faculty members commit to journeying with a student through the ups and downs of the semester. Our mentors provide a listening ear, a word of prayer and a source of loving accountability our students need at just the right time.

Penny Patterson and Lee Hageman are two of our Sojourners mentors who have experienced the blessings of mentoring students firsthand. Recently I asked Lee and Penny to share some of their thoughts, and I think you will be encouraged with their response:

"Both of my kids are grown and I wanted to find a way to give back to a student. Sometimes we'll just go get ice-cream after her class or go grocery shopping at Meijer. The blessing I have received is unexplainable. Becky has shared a lot of things with me and asks me tough questions about life. I am so thankful Cornerstone is doing this. It's a great way to hear our student's hearts."
—Lee Hageman, Director of Donor Development (CU Radio)

"I love this age group, and this campus just energizes me! Sojourners is such a wonderful is so important these students know someone cares about them. When you do life alone, you feel alone. And that's not community. After all, why is CU here? To be a community."
—Penny Patterson, Terra Firma Group Leader

Knowing that our students are loved and supported through Sojourners is just another reason...why I love it here!

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