Spring on Campus

By Joe Stowell on June 2, 2016

I love the spring and summer months when the trees and flowers are in bloom all over West Michigan. I especially enjoy walking across campus here at Cornerstone when the tulips are in bloom and the white flowers of the dogwood trees are in full display. Most of all, it is rewarding to see our students enjoying the beauty of campus before they leave for the summer...hanging out together on the lawn, or reading a book by the pond.

This spring we organized a photo contest to give students an opportunity to capture some special moments and places on campus. The contest was primarily intended to supply us with some unique Cornerstone photos for some of the "memes" on my Facebook page. But it was also a wonderful surprise to see the creativity and photography skills of our students. I thought you'd like to see just a few of my favorite snapshots...

Photo Credit: Allison Todd

Photo Credit: Anneke Lehmann

Photo Credit: Ellen Zylstra

Photo Credit: Jessica Bonkowski

Grand Prize

The "grand prize" was awarded to Ben DeYoung, a freshman from Colorado, who captured one of the best elements on our campus: our students in action.

Every day I get a front-row seat to the beauty of our campus and the creativity of our students...just another reason why I love it here!

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