Study Abroad Partnerships

By Joe Stowell on February 2, 2017

Over the past few years, Cornerstone has developed a relationship with Ede Christian University in the Netherlands. What I love about this partnership is the opportunity it provides for our students to expand their cultural horizons. Every other year during J-term, we send a small group of business students to the Netherlands to visit Ede, and the following year they send a group of students to visit Cornerstone. Needless to say, it's a mutually beneficial experience!

This year it was our turn to host the Dutch students. In early January, twenty-four students from Ede Christian arrived on our campus. They stayed in the dorms and forged new friendships with our resident assistants and staff who served as tour guides.

The students visited several American businesses, including the Wood TV news station, the Henry Ford Museum, Our Daily Bread Ministries and Frederik Meijer Gardens. As part of their course work, they were also required to complete a research project on any American topic of their choice, examining aspects of American culture.

Their experience also included a church visit with host families from Cornerstone. What a great opportunity for our faculty and staff to show hospitality to these students!

Cornerstone's commitment to culture and hospitality is just another reason why I love it here!

Category: Global Influence