Top Notch Professors

By Joe Stowell on September 1, 2016

You'll often catch me bragging about our great students, but I know I don't brag nearly enough about our amazing faculty.

When they aren't teaching classes at CU, our top notch professors are influencing the world for Jesus Christ through a variety of studies.

Dr. Nigel Crompton, professor of biology, recently traveled to the University of Warsaw in Poland to hold a plenary lecture at a mini-symposium on Science and Faith. He spent three busy days giving thirteen lectures on Origins Questions at the Polish National Academy of Sciences as well as a lecture at the University of Poznan.

When I asked Nigel about his experience he told me, "I went to Poland with the intent of encouraging the faith to those to whom I was invited to speak, to demonstrate that confidence in God's word precludes neither the understanding nor the appreciation of science, yet that we also have freedom to interpret some facts from a more Biblical perspective."

The fact that our students are sitting under the influence of professors like Nigel, who teach science from a Christ-centered, Biblical point of view, is just one of the many reasons...why I love it here!

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