Where are they now: Janelle Brown

By Joe Stowell on June 6, 2017

Our world needs Christ-centered graduates. I'm reminded of that every day. So when I hear about our CU alumni influencing the world for Jesus Christ, I like to share their stories with others. Most recently, the President's Office reconnected with Janelle Brown, a business major and 2012 President's Award recipient. She answered a few questions about her life as a CU alumnus and her position serving aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

Where are you currently employed? And what are your responsibilities?
I am currently in the US Navy stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Besides being deployed 6 months out of the year, most of my job includes ensuring quality basic and advanced damage control training for our 5,000 crew members. I am also in charge of developing training plans to ensure our fire and flooding teams are ready to respond to any situation quickly and effectively.

You majored in international business and business management at CU. How do you use your CU education in your daily career?
I find that the project management, analysis and planning skills I learned at CU have proven invaluable as I work to manage several training programs to ensure our crew is prepared for whatever may come.

How did CU prepare you to influence the world for Jesus Christ?
CU taught me to approach any situation with a Christian mindset. This has helped me see how to make Christ-based decisions even when the situation may not seem to have anything to do with the Kingdom.

What was your favorite class at CU and why?
Any of my international business classes. Learning about other cultures and how we play a part in the world as a whole, not just our own communities.

Was there a particular experience you had during your time at CU that shaped your calling?
I don't know that the Navy is necessarily my "calling," but it's where God has called me for now. I think that the two activities which most shaped my time at CU as well as my subsequent career are running track/cross country and starting SIFE (now called Enactus).

s a member of the track/cross country team, I developed a deep competitiveness and drive and saw that hard work leads to success. There are no shortcuts. Through my five years on the team, I had plenty of highs and lows, but I left the program much stronger, confident and resilient.

tarting CU SIFE and the three years I was blessed to lead the organization taught me so many lessons. Some examples are leadership, management, fundraising, collaboration and perseverance. I worked with a talented, amazing group of project leaders and team members who were willing to dedicate themselves to their projects and the people they served. I learned that empowering people leads to them taking the reins and exceeding expectations.

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