Prayer with a Regard to Justice

By Bailie Rouse on October 13, 2017

In chapel this week, Dr. Tim Gombis spoke about the importance of prayer with a regard to justice. In Ephesians 4:20-24, Paul reminds believers that we are to put off the old self and be renewed in the Spirit to put on the new self. This new self is created after the likeness of the Lord's righteousness and justice. As believers we participate in an ongoing dynamic of righteousness, and we must take steps to embody biblical justice.

Tim noted, "Diversity does not reflect a commitment to a worldly social agenda, but it truly reflects an understanding of God's social agenda by creating a unified people out of every tribe, nation, and tongue."

About the Speaker

Dr. Timothy Gombis is associate professor of New Testament here at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and has published multiple works on the writings and theology of Paul. You can see a sample of his published material on his website. This summer I was able to sit down and interview him about his current writing project—a forthcoming commentary on Mark's Gospel—and a special series he's teaching at GRTS, the Thursday Evening Bible Class (TEBC), which is a community Bible study series taught by a GRTS professor every fall.

Categories: Chapel, Culture, Discipleship