Division of Bible, Religion & Ministry


Pursue your calling.

Professors in the Division of Bible, Religion & Ministry will equip you to interpret Scripture, design an interactive curriculum, translate ancient documents, develop cultural intelligence, and lead a ministry toward health. In addition to learning from faculty members who hold the highest academic degrees available in their respective fields, four year plans provide you with the flexibility to complement your studies with a second major.

Life in Community

The Division of Bible, Religion & Ministry takes seriously the concept of community learners. Learning doesn't just happen in the classroom; eating lunches together, playing bocce ball and Frisbee golf on the grounds, and having game nights at the homes of professors provide a context for mentoring relationships.

Degree Programs Available

For information on distinctive components of our degree programs and internship opportunities, select a major or minor below.


Ancient Studies | Bachelor of Arts
Ministry | Bachelor of Science
Bible | Bachelor of Arts or Science
Intercultural Studies (Missions) | Bachelor of Science
Missions Aviation | Bachelor of Science


Ancient Studies | Minor
Ministry | Minor
Bible | Minor
Greek | Minor
Intercultural Studies | Minor

Relational Learning with Mentoring, Modeling Scholars

Student life at Cornerstone is participatory in nature; we view the learning curve as benefiting from having a lived component. Meet the folks you will come to count on as discussion facilitators, mentors, lifelong students in the field, and fellow disciples.