Student and professor

What can I do with this major?

  •  Certified Public Accounting (CPA)
  •  Certified Management Accounting (CMA) 
  •  Many Finance areas
  •  Personal Financial Planning
  •  Production Management
  •  Manufacturing Accounting
  •  Charitable Organizations
  •  Governmental Organizations

What are some interesting classes I may take?

  • Accounting Information Systems - All organizations need to collect, store, and retrieve data. This class helps students to understand the importance of internal controls throughout the flow. Students develop an understanding of the process of managing the change in systems. Various accounting software packages are reviewed.
  • Cost Accounting - Accounting functions in the manufacturing environment. Product costing, overhead cost analysis, standard costs, activity based costing, variance analysis, contribution accounting, flexible budgeting, and responsibility center accounting. Also, plant visits to local manufacturers.
  • Taxation - Federal income tax structure as related to individuals, partnerships, and corporations. Problems are intended to provide an understanding of the theory, law, and regulations. This course also prepares students for the IRS VITA (Voluntary Income Tax Assistance) Program. Students provide voluntary income tax return preparation in cooperation with the West Michigan VITA Collegiate Partnership.